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Auto parts

The texture comes from the details and the pursuit of perfect quality!

Japan's Mitsubishi Black Technology's masterpiece: The TP Series Excellence Second Board has a rock-solid stability and repeatability, producing high-quality accessories, day after day, year after year. No defective products. No need for insomnia. The unique “Non-Stop™” technology keeps your machine running smoothly and without downtime, allowing you to sleep better.


Speed pursuit! How fast is it fast?

For you to produce high quality packaging materials, your profitability depends on the speed of the last minute and a half. But high speed and precision (and product quality) often conflict with each other and need to be compromised. How about "true" SPEED-PACK series high speed packaging machine is your answer!


Home Appliance

White, black, are home appliances!

Stability is the lifeblood of the home appliance industry, and of course the product quality is indispensable. Whether it's a structural part, an exterior part or a functional part, you need an absolutely reliable machine.


Consumer electronics dominate the lives of modern people

The Ace MK6 series is almost tailor-made for the electronics industry! Fast, accurate and stable: its high precision, high speed, high stability, short cycle, high energy saving, etc., it is fully suitable for the production of any high-demand, high-difficult electronic products.


Mobile phone

Smartphones change the tradition, no day

The SPEED series of high-speed machines are specially designed for the production of precision mobile phone components — its high repeatability, high precision, high speed injection, short cycle, ultra-energy saving, low noise and other characteristics are especially suitable for the production of high speed and thin wall products.

All walks of life

No matter where you are in that industry, we can help you perform even better!