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Shenzhen Linyi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in selling European and American electrical

and automation products,

as well as various equipment services and spare parts. 

Widely used in CNC machine tools, food and beverage, machinery manufacturing, packaging machinery, subway, power, metallurgy, textile, shipbuilding, cement, paper, port,

mining, clean energy, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, sewage treatment and other industries. Provide customers with quality and reliable imported products and perfect system solutions. Our goal is to speed up the procurement process and optimize cost performance!


Acting brands: Germany Schleicher Schleicher relay and PLC/CNC, Sweden Beijer HMI, Germany ROPEX temperature controller, Germany TOSS cylinder and consumables, the United States PACKWORLD packaging machine, Austria STASTO pneumatic hydraulic products, the United States Simco static elimination equipment, Germany NationalLab Industrial water/oil

circulation cooler, Italy Italvibras vibration motor, Germany DEMAG motor brake, Germany Riegler, USA ITW vortec vortex tube, Germany Wachendorff encoder, Germany Kirchner und

Tochter flowmeter, Germany FSG anemometer, American Pyrocation thermocouple, Taiwan Winsonic industrial displays and more. At the same time, we provide all the services of

imported accessories according to the brand provided by the customers. No matter in the corner of the world, we will find that we are 100% guaranteed by the original manufacturer,

fast delivery, technical expertise is our biggest Advantage! ! !


Our company adheres to the management style of “honesty, sincerity and integrity”, advocates “customer first” and strives to create value for customers, providing customers

with comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale technical support and services. All are welcome to contact us for your patronage and sincere cooperation to create a bright future